Revit help for your project - Overview

We provide Revit help for your professional and university projects.
Services available:
- Develop a specific part of your project.
- One to one Revit Support.
- Drafting Services.
- Create Revit families.
-Create bespoke Revit curtain wall.
-Advice for Revit management.
-Create window and door schedule.
-One to one training for a specific area in Revit. (example: Curtain Wall, Roof, Families)
Case of study:
Roof Revit Adaptive Components to AMBS Architects
The Architects had to create a complex roof for the Baghdad National Library from a grid of cable provided by the structural engineer.
Roof structure is formed of two way steel cable net with a span of 80m across creating squares of 3.6 meter.
We have created 6 types of Roof Adaptive Components modules to be placed on the roof grid.
If you need help with your Revit project, please contact us.

Changes to course booking: 

All courses are transferable to another date only up to 3 days before the selected course.

We offer full refunds if cancelling a course booking more than 3 days prior to the course. Please refer to our refunds policy below.

Cancellation period – Cancellation Fee

Prior to the course date

More than 3 days – 100% refund

Less than 3 days – 100% of the full course fee will be forfeited. You can change your booking to another day.

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