How to Create a Central File

How to Create a Central File

Step One

Open your Revit project file and on the menu click on Save or Save As.

You should save this file directly on your project folder to avoid move it after save.

You can call the file as Central File or Master file+ your Project name.

Step Two – Enable Worksets 

Collaborate > click in Worksets

Revit will open this window to confirm it.

Click OK to add two parameters.

You will see a new screen.

Click OK. 

Step Three – Save your project

Click Save and not save as.

A new window will open and you should click YES 



Step Four – Synchronize with Central (SWC)

Click on the menu Collaborate > click in Synchronize with Central.

A new window will open.

You should tick the option (User-Created Worksets)

It is a good practice to add a comment, it helps find problems later on and restore the backup

You can see these comments when you click on Collaborate > Show History or Restore Backup.

Step Five – Close the Central File 

Click on the main menu than click on Close. 

Everyone should work from a Local file. Now you should create a Local file.


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