Revit LT 2013 Differences


This September Autodesk finally announced the release of Revit LT.

Autodesk Revit LT has the same platform as the full Revit.

In resume, the main differences are:

Architectural Modeling in 3D

-Create renderings only in the cloud with (Autodesk 360 Rendering (available through Autodesk Subscription)

I don’t think you can render using the software without Subscription.


-Export to 3D Max + Vray

-Export to SketchUp + Vray

-Export to Artlantis –

-Export to Lumion 


-Single user. No Worksharing (Multiuser Environment)

You will not be able to create Central file and Local files.

Just on the full Revit you can have multiple users to collaborate on the same project file simultaneously.

Solution: It depends on the size of your project, company and the experience of your staff to work with Revit.

A single good Revit person can run easily small to medium projects with a good time scale.


No Construction Modeling—Parts and Assemblies

Sorry, I have to find more information.


– No Stair by Sketch

There is a new way to create stair



-No Truss and Reinforcement


Advanced 3D Modeling: 

-No Conceptual Massing

-No Adaptive Components ( It you know how to use Adaptive Components, you will see that it is a big lost because modeling in Revit in not flexible.

-In-Place Modeling

I don’t use to much this tool but it was good to have option. Probably all objects has to be a family.


Presentation and Visualization 

– No Ray Trace


Linking Other Revit Files 

-No Copy/Paste Elements from Links (Maybe it was excluded to avoid Worksharing)

-No customize the visibility of Linked Models 



– No Point Cloud, Decal  (It will affect mainly surveying companies.)



Lucky we can export to DWG with Revit LT

You will not be able to export as SAT, ADSK, gbXML, IFC, ODBC, Family Types

Maybe it is not a big problem but the IFC is a common file to import your Revit file to ArchiCAd.



No Autodesk® 360 Energy Analysis for Autodesk Revit



No third-Party API


If you find any new features or differences, please comment here.



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