Enscape™ is included in all Revit training!

Enscape™ is included in all Revit training!

We are happy to announce that Enscape™ is included in all Revit training from 25th January 2016.
During the Revit training, we will teach you about Revit rendering and also real time 3D Rendering using a fantastic Revit plugin from Enscape™.
Enscape is a plugin for Autodesk Revit and it enables you a realtime 3D rendered walkthrough with no effort.
With Enscape™ you can render your Revit model in seconds and it is perfect for design review, quality control and client presentations.
Any changes in Revit, it will automatic update in Enscape™ which creates a smooth workflow.
Enscape™ allows you also to listen to the room acoustics, export a stand-alone executable file to distribute to your clients and support for virtual reality / Oculus Rift for Revit.
For more information about Enscape™ please visit their website.
Enscape Revit plugin

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