EU Commission funds new Europe-wide BIM alignment project.

EU Commission funds new Europe-wide BIM alignment project.

Members of the EU BIM Task Group have committed to producing an “EU BIM Handbook”, a guide to using BIM in public sector projects that could help to create a consistent approach across the EU.
While the handbook is not seen as the director precursor of an EU-wide BIM mandate or legal requirement, aligning the approach to BIM across the region could make it easier for more countries to enshrine BIM in public procurement. 
The project will be funded by the EU Commission and will be the main focus of the existing EU BIM Task Group, which now consists of a 40-strong advisory “general assembly” and a smaller steering group.
The overall group is chaired by Adam Matthews, the representative of the UK BIM Task Group on international affairs, and UK representatives are taking a leading role in the alignment project.
These include Mark Bew, who will act as technical lead for the handbook, while UK BIM Task Group member Richard Lane will be the project’s programme manager.

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