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by Matthew on Revit Training London

Really pleased with this course, really worth the money.Our teacher went through everything from the basic commands to more complicated modelling and detailing. Having one teacher between 2 people means you learn so much more and are able to ask as many questions as you like.I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting to learn Revit takes this course. Its a great starting point.

by Francesco Rosselli on Revit Training London
Revit Training Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended.Callum was such a brilliant trainer

by Amanda Galvao on Revit Training London
Revit course

The Revit course was above my expectation. The teacher is an expert on the software and is able to make It simple and easy to learn even for those like me who had never used Revit before. It’s max 2 students per class, which gives time for a proper explanation for your questions and issues with the software. It was also shown some Plugins and related softwares showing how you can expand your use of Revit afterwards. The course not only expanded my IT skills but It also led me to a new job which I wouldn’t had gotten without this course. I would highly recommend and would definitely go back If I need a different course.

by Aris Zevgolis on Revit Training London
Revit Training

I would highly recommend the course to all those beginners like me who haven’t used Revit before and they find it a bit intimidating. We started from very basic commands and we moved gradually to more complex tasks. He’s method and teaching skills are great. In addition to this he’s always up to answer more specific questions about all those design issues that we face in architectural practice. Thank you!

by Fernando M. on Revit Training London
The best Revit training – One to One

Thank you very much for the Revit training. I believe it is one of the best Revit training that I could have. One to One sessions are great!
All the best.

by Jeremy Dunn on Revit Training London
Revit Class

I’m really pleased with my progress by the way, I have now drawn an existing modern house and an extension to the house all within Revit and I’m really pleased with the results.
Once again thank you very much for all of your time and effort, I certainly wouldn’t have got this far this quickly without you

by Mark S. on Revit Training London
Revit Training

Excellent Revit training! Only 2 people per class, so I could learn really well Revit Architecture. Thank you!

Revit Architecture Training

Great teacher for a full immersion in a Revit training. The course was very suitable for me and the training was clear and simple.
Really helpful, thank you Fabio!

Revit 3 Days Training

The best Revit teacher that you can have. Very clear patient and knows a lot about how to apply the software on projects. It is more about how to design using the software than a technical course only. Highly recommended!

by Tatiana Telles Ferreira on Revit Training London
Revit Class in London

This personalised course (one to one) is bespoke to your learning needs, speed and interest.
The teacher is a very experienced architect, so he focus in making you able to design using Revit, than only learning the commands of a software.
I was already able to use it on a project I am leading in my office after the first class.
I highly recommend it.
Between all my architect friends I am the only one that says that loves Revit, and this is only thanks to my fabulous teacher.

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