Revit Training 1 to 1

Revit Training 1 to 1 We provide 1 to 1 Revit training to support your specific learning requirements. You can choose what you exactly want to learn from your training! The 1 to 1 Revit training is offered for Revit…

Enscape Training

New Enscape Training! Enscape is a plugin for Autodesk Revit that enables real-time 3D rendering and walkthrough with no effort. With Enscape™ you can render your Revit model in seconds and it is perfect for design review, quality control, and…

Revit Classes in London

Revit Training in London – Only 2 people per class. Video: If you need to master Revit, this is your quickest and most effective way of doing so. You will receive an unparalleled personal attention with maximum 2 people per…

BIM Dictionary – BIM Level 2

BIM Dictionary – BIM Level 2  The BIM Dictionary is a resource for all to freely use. It includes hundreds of Dictionary Items: terms with their descriptions, abbreviations and synonyms. Each Dictionary Item has its own page so it can…
BIM Periodic Table

Periodic Table of BIM ebook

Periodic Table of BIM ebook NBS recently launched a visual guide to the key terms and concepts for BIM implementation. Please see below the BIM jargon buster from NBS! Please click on the image above to download the Periodic Table of BIM…

Free CAD/BIM Objects from VELUX

Download Free CAD/BIM Objects for VELUX Modular Skylights    This page contains access to our CAD freeware tools, meaning free CAD and BIM objects for VELUX Modular Skylights. All objects are compatible with the most common modelling programs such as Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD…

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