University Projects

First Scale will help, advice and support you to produce your University projects.
If you are busy and need Revit help, please contact us for more information!
You can book Revit Specialists per hour to advice on your project and the best way to produce your Revit model.
Maybe you don’t know where to start the project or need advice on a complex modeling. We will be able to help you.
It is important to clarify that it is your project and your ideas that will receive support on the Revit technical side.
This service is indicated for students that didn’t receive enough Revit training at the University and need to produce Revit model quickly.
We can help you with the following topics:
-Start up with the correct information via an ordnance survey map.
-Position the project at the right location for solar analysis.
-Import your AutoCAD files correctly to Revit to start the modeling.
-Advice for complex geometry in Revit.
-Construction details.
-Create Revit families for your project: Revit doors, windows, curtain walls, columns and many others.
-Please contact us for other services.
You can request Revit support and pay the services per hour or per project.
To book the Revit support, please contact us for further information.
Phone: 0203 637 0176
Mobile: 07963826210

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We offer full refunds if canceling a course booking more than 3 days prior to the course. Please refer to our refunds policy below.

Cancellation period – Cancellation Fee

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